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Gas Distribution

Premium Products for Gas Distribution

A reliable gas distribution system requires uncompromised quality from your pipe supplier and the utmost in safety, durability and integrity in your pipe.  

Polyethylene gas pipe is the preferred choice for natural gas distribution. With Dura-Line PolyPipe®, we offer pipe that is flexible, lightweight, non-toxic and environmentally safe. Our products provide superior corrosion, chemical and abrasion resistance, are available in coil lengths, and are easy to install by using heat fusion or mechanical fittings.

Dura-Line is one of the largest manufacturers of medium and high-density polyethylene pipe and the only nation-wide manufacturer of the new and unique High Performance PolyTough1 (PE2708) medium-density Gas Distribution pipe manufactured from Dow® Continuum™ DGDA 2420 bimodal resin.

PolyPipe for gas distribution is manufactured with 100% prime virgin resin.  All sizes and material grades, PE2708 and PE4710, are manufactured REWORK FREE since July 2012!


PolyTough1 (PE2708) is a unique high performance medium density gas distribution pipe manufactured from Dow® ContinuumTM DGDA 2420 bimodal resin.

PolyTough1 provides outstanding resistance to slow crack growth (SCG) and rapid crack propagation (RCP) which provides for a safer gas distribution system. In many cases, you can eliminate costly construction practices such as sand backfill required with conventional polyethylene pipe products and significantly reduce your overall life-cycle cost.

PolyPipe®  PolyTough1 has outstanding strength and durability providing longer pipeline service and enhanced pipeline integrity.

Request PolyPipe® PolyTough1 for demanding applications where outstanding pipe properties are important – large diameter, higher pressure, lower ground temperature.


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