Multiple Dwelling Unit/Business (MDU/MDB) Training

Interior MicroDuct Installation

Interior MicroDucts are designed to be used in MDU (Multi-Dwelling Units) and MBU (Multi-Business Units) applications.

  • Can be used in Greenfield (New Construction) and Overlay (Brownfield) markets
  • There are two types of MicroDucts designed exclusively for interior use – Riser rated and Plenum rated

MicroDuct Characteristics:

  • Silicore® super slick permanent lining
  • Internal longitudinal ribbing
  • Standard with a pull string
  • Also available with pre-installed single fiber cordage
  • Plenum Color, Opaque White
  • Riser Color, Dull Yellow

An air handling space such as that above drop ceiling tiles, in raised floors and possibly between the roof and ceiling. Smoke from fire in this area quickly spreads to other parts of the building by circulation. Consequently, the material used in this area is required to pass very stringent testing.

Pathway for cables that pass between floors. It is normally a vertical shaft or space. Materials used in this area are required to pass a less stringent test than plenum.

MicroDuct Placement Guidelines:
When placing Dura-Line MicroDucts, the length can vary based on the configuration of the MicroDuct run.

  • The run should not exceed 200’
  • No more than 8 - 90º bends in 200’
  • No more than 16 - 45º bends in 200’
  • Each bend should have at least a 14” radius
  • Long sweeping bends are recommended

Make Sure:

  • Use smooth bends with the MicroDuct routing
  • No kinks or deformities in the pathway
  • Proper strapping and support of the MicroDucts
  • Properly label MicroDucts and pull lines on both ends

Pathway Routing Considerations:

  • Place runs to minimize the amount of MicroDuct required
  • Choose the path that will require the minimum number of bends
  • Avoid mechanical damage, hot water pipes, steam pipes, metal gratings, etc.
  • Make sure the MicroDucts will not interfere with drywall installation
  • Drill your right of ways in a manner that  will not interfere with the bend radius or add bends

For detailed Technical Bulletins or Training Courses, please contact Customer Service.

Parker Frost