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Dura-Line is an industry leader in product innovation. Our engineers and product designers work closely with our customers to develop unique solutions to issues that develop in the field. The Learning Center is a resource for our customers to aid in finding solutions to real-world installation scenario's.


RCP (Rapid Crack Propagation) refers to a rare but significant catastrophic pipe failure mode that results in a rapidly progressing crack (typically >300 ft/sec) when a pressurized pipeline is subjected to a sudden or intense impact. RCP can also be the result of a pre-existing flaw or crack in the pipe. RCP can occur in most piping materials including steel and PVC pipes. RCP is generally of greater concern in piping systems that are used to convey compressed gasses. The rapid energy dissipation from a compressed gas provides the energy required to sustain crack growth.
MicroTrench Ft Myers, Florida
Installation of FuturePath 2-Way in a MicroTrench. The installation is fast with minimial impact and immediate cleanup. It's a rapid deployment of the conduit pathway and fiber cables. 

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Installation of FuturePath 2-Way in a MicroTrench. The installation is fast, with minimial impact and immdeiate...

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Drawing from our 30 plus years of expertise in both the telecommunications and electrical industries, Dura-Line offers a wide range of HDPE products to service a variety of markets. Our “Dura-Line Village” is designed to help you see the solutions our products provide in different areas.
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