In April 2007, private equity firm Audax Group purchased ARNCO Corp. and Dura-Line Corp., both leading manufacturers of (HDPE) conduit, pipe, and conduit products and accessories. This merger led to the creation of A-D Technologies, an international company which markets under the ARNCO and Dura-Line brand names.  In 2011, A-D Technologies added Boreflex Industries and along with it, the Lamson Pipe brand.

Arnco History

In 1972, ARNCO Corp. began as ARNCO Flasher Equipment Company in Youngstown, Ohio, renting traffic barricades to utility companies. Several years later, in 1976, ARNCO expanded its product offering with the introduction of chemicals and equipment for utility installations. Then in 1985 Bob Smith purchased ARNCO and relocated the manufacturing facility and headquarters to Westlake, Ohio. Two years later, ARNCO moved its manufacturing facility and headquarters to Elyria, Ohio, and began manufacturing conduit.

Dura-Line History

In 1971, Dura-Line was founded in Middlesboro, KY., as a producer of plastic pipe for the potable water market. Ten years later, Dura-Line became the first manufacturer to develop an innovative conduit for the installation and protection of fiber optic cables. Dura-Line entered joint ventures with several international cable manufacturers in the mid-1990s to expand its international market share.

PolyPipe History

PolyPipe®, Inc. was established in 1977 in Gainesville, Texas by a small group of local investors with a vision for providing polyethylene pipe for the regional oil and gas production market. Since that time, PolyPipe® has continued to grow through expansion and acquisition to its current position as a recognized industry leader in the manufacture of polyethylene piping products in North America. In 1985, PolyPipe® diversified operations and began producing fabricated fittings and gas pipes for the natural gas distribution market. A facility was built in Erwin, Tennessee to service the East Coast gas utility customers. This installation also included a large diameter extrusion line capable of producing 54” diameter pipe. A manufacturing facility was constructed in 1995 in Fernley, Nevada. The addition of this plant to PolyPIpe®’s portfolio gave PolyPipe® a coast-to-coast nationwide presence in the polyethylene pipe market. In 1995, PolyPipe® was acquired by CSR America who was a major producer of concrete pipe and related building materials. CSR also acquired a manufacturing facility in Sandersville, Georgia. This facility was merged with the existing PolyPipe® facilities and operated as the PolyPipe® Division of CSR. In 2001 these and other North American assets were split-off from CSR and continued to operate as Rinker Materials, PolyPipe® Division. PolyPipe® was purchased in 2005 by the current owner, The Halifax Group. This change of ownership ushered in a period of growth and expansion that PolyPipe® is still enjoying.
In 2007, PolyPipe® expanded the Fernley, Nevada operation to add a state-of-the-art large diameter extrusion line. This line is capable of producing 65” diameter pipe. This capability sets PolyPipe® apart from all other polyethylene pipe manufacturers as their capabilities are limited to 63” diameter.
In 2007 PolyPipe® also built a new high-output state-of-the-art facility in Evansville, Wyoming. This facility was built to service the coal-bed methane gas production in the NorthWest United States. In 2009, PolyPipe® expanded once again with the opening of a new facility in Midland, Texas. PolyPipe® responded to the demands of the local energy market to bring regional pipe manufacture and supply to this West Texas market.