How Smart is Your City?

Check out our feature article "How Smart is Your City?" in the latest issue of the Tennessee Chapter American Public Works Association statewide industry magazine. Here's an excerpt:
Cities own the most valuable asset of any Smart Cities project – the right of way. The fiber network infrastructure layer has not been part of the conversation in the past for cities, but now it is. Cities like Chattanooga and Morristown have explored ways to establish their own fiber networks. During the last five years cities across Tennessee have invested in 50 million feet of conduit and micro conduit for fiber optic network infrastructure. Cities all over the U.S. are installing conduit and using MicroDucts to override existing ducts. Cities are considering their options for owning their own conduit pathways which can be leased to generate revenue and how to fairly allow private companies to establish their own networks. Many cities are adopting policies that are in line with the new federal “Dig Once” law, where conduit and fiber are laid at the time of road construction, then, crews only have to dig once, which eliminates up to 90% of the cost of fiber and broadband.

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