Conduit Infrastructure Provides Base for Smart Grid And Broadband Access

Broadband Communities Magazine featured Dura-Line's new FuturePath Figure-8 Self-Support Aerial conduit. Dura-Line’s Figure-8 standard self-support duct has been in use around the country for more than 30 years and now the FuturePath Figure-8 self-support option allows for a flexible, expandable network with dedicated, easily identifiable pathways for system upgrades, redundancy, and future capacity. 



Here's a brief excerpt from the magazine article:


Estes Park Light and Power is poised to bring broadband to the town of Estes Park, Colorado. Today, many communities call high-speed internet the “fourth utility,” after water, gas, and electricity. High-speed internet access is required not only for work but also for day-to-day life – scheduling doctor’s appointments, checking homework assignments, even researching which government office to contact about barking dogs. Research repeatedly shows that communities that have access to broadband provide better employment opportunities, attract more entrepreneurial investments and have higher citizen engagement.


The town of Estes Park recognized the need for high-speed broadband, and community leaders spent considerable time and resources researching their best options.


Read more by downloading the PDF of the article, or view the Broadband Communities Magazine July 2018 issue here.