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Dura-Line’s PolyPipe HDPE potable water, sewer and industrial pipe is manufactured for use in the municipal & industrial markets.  

PolyPipe HDPE potable water pipe designed for use in the municipal and industrial markets provides and monolithic, corrosion and leak free piping system for transporting potable water and other fluids for industrial applications.  HDPE pipe is an excellent choice due its proven track record of providing longevity and reliability in fluid piping systems. With multiple manufacturing locations and a vast distributor network, the end user is assured of receiving superior products combined with maximum service.  The pipe Dura-Line supplies to these markets is quickly being adopted as the better performing material of choice due to its improved properties compared to conventional piping materials like PVC or ductile iron.   Dura-Line services this important market because HDPE pipe provides a leak free reliable water system that protects our precious water resources, especially in those arid regions where water is scarce.
PolyPipe HDPE sewer pipe is designed and ideally suited for use in sanitary & storm sewer and forced main systems.   HDPE pipe is used for transporting sewage to treatment facilities and controlling storm runoff.   Dura-Line services this market from multiple manufacturing locations through a distributor network.   The distributors we serve and their end user partners have come to rely on our ability to quickly supply their immediate and emergency pipe requirements.  Dura-Line sewer pipe provides a leak free collection system, which prevents the ingress of rainwater that can overwhelm sewage treatment plants, eliminating overflow conditions from occurring.
PolyPipe HDPE industrial pipe is designed for a variety of applications including; mining, minerals, industrial processes, slurry and dredging to name a few.
PolyPipe Potable Water Pipe
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